EWMS 20.0 another Digital Innovations Release

Jun 2, 2020 | Digital, eSignature

Digitalization, Automation, Data

EWMS 20.0 is going live soon and is full of enhancements. This release is one of the many where we focused on Digitalization. If our last release had a strong ETF flavor, 20.0 is geared toward APIs, computer smarts, and investor experience.

Here are our top 5 favorite innovations:


Yes, more APIs to enable integrations and all sorts of solutions. While EWMS has been enabling digital banks, online investor portals, and other partner applications for a while, a brand new generation of APIs are available in 20.0. With a focus on account opening and trading, those end-points are designed for firms who want to continue to offer a better and better online, mobile and/or self serve investor experience. Robo-advisors, virtual banks, direct sellers, and traditional advisor-led firms with digitalization desires will be thrilled.

#2 New eSignature automation

eDocs, super-smart pre-filled forms, eConsent, eApproval, eDelivery and eSignature have been in the EWMS vocabulary for years now. So what’s new? EMWS 20.0 takes eSignature will to a new grade with many new computer smarts that make it even easier and faster for everybody. Let the computers do the work for you.

#3 Back-office Processing

Automation, automation, automation: From financial reporting to tax laws, back-office processes are everywhere. EWMS introduces a GL Integration module to automate cross-system journal entries and financial reporting. Using the power of standardized data, APIs and so-on, dealers can computerized their GL integrations at wish.

#4 GIC Ordering

The XPRESS Suite is upgraded again with new functions designed to save time for advisors and their assistants when dealing with GIC ordering. With easier lookups, build-in suitability checks, and many other neat features, GICs processing is really as easy as one-two-three.

#5 Data Integrity

Better data is better business. Less time spent tracking issues and more time spent developing business. EWMS 20.0 comes with enhanced computerized data stewardess ranging from the specificities of purchase transactions for non-resident TFSA Accounts to more general Average Cost and Return on Capital processing enhancements.

You can contact Univeris for further details. Enjoy the new release!