Univeris to Help Researchers Study the Coronavirus

Mar 17, 2020 | Employees, Technology

Technology power at the service of science

There is no question that COVID-19 is having a puzzling impact on everybody and many organizations.

At Univeris we have obviously taken multiple steps in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility (such as asking all our employees to work remotely) policies and today we are announcing we will be donating some of our spare CPU power to the folding@home scientific experiment, which is aiming at learning more about the novel coronavirus in order to find treatments. We operate a robust development and hosting infrastructure, known as Flex, but the spare CPU power-sharing will be using none critical servers and workstations.

While Univeris staff have a strong background in STEM (Scientific Technology Engineering Math) subjects, we certainly acknowledge that we do not know if the folding@home research will result in a positive outcome, nor we understand the details of the research. We do however understand the power of analytics, having written many algorithms ourselves for various forms of portfolio, suitability or financial math analytics. We therefore accept that findings could be crucial, yet uncertain. This is worth trying: Bioinformatics can be helpful as a forensic tool, the same way it has been for the quick creation of tests.

In the meantime, our business continuity plan allows us to continue our work on low-cost products, Client-Focused Reforms (CFRs) – also a topic where accountable algorithms will come in support to people.

We wish everybody and all organizations a healthy virus-fighting period and invite all of us to contribute to the research of treatments and vaccines.

Thank you.