People + Culture

Life at Univeris

We’re People-First

People are the building blocks of our company. This is why we’re fully committed to engaging team members in meaningful ways and delivering on that promise.

Weekly company socials, monthly town halls, quarterly care packages, and annual planning sessions are key touchpoints that help us stay connected and keep us moving in the same direction.

Your Voice Matters

At Univeris, every single team member has a voice. Whether attending company-wide strategic planning sessions or internal engagements, everyone is given an opportunity to participate, be heard, and contribute to our future.

We Take Care of Each Other

The well-being of our team members is our top priority, and we’ll do what we can to help you and your family stay safe and healthy. That’s why we offer an enhanced benefits package, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and a remote-first company culture.

We also take great pride in our empathy-led approach to People + Culture. When our team members are faced with difficult situations—whether at work or at home—we are here to support in any way we can.

Everyone’s situation is different. We approach each situation on a case-by-case basis and with an open mind and heart.

We Invest in You

We understand the importance of having learning and growth opportunities available for professional and personal development. Not only do we provide these opportunities within our company but we also give team members access to an annual self-directed education and training program to support their growth.

If you’re not growing, we’re not growing.


During my five years at Univeris, I have been able to be a part of a community with incredible, hard-working people who are dedicated and fun to be with. I stay because of that community but also because I get the opportunity to sharpen my skills and continue to grow in my abilities each and every day. Univeris means “one truth information system”—the integrity of our products and the people who work on these products inspire me. Thank you, Univeris, for being a part of my life journey.

— Deborah Ann, Office Manager

We’re Evolving our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We’re committed to environmental sustainability, improving the health and well-being of our team members, and contributing to the communities where we live and work through volunteerism and charitable giving. We’re also committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our work environment.

Over the years, Univeris’ CSR program has supported many different causes. From Nicola’s Triathlon and the SickKids Foundation to Indspire and the Anishnawbe Health Foundation, we try to incorporate CSR principles wherever we can.

We’re Building a Diverse Team

Diverse and inclusive workplaces are known to be more creative and innovative. They’re also known to make better and bolder decisions. But diversity and inclusion isn’t just good for business—it’s good for us too. Diverse and inclusive workplaces foster more welcoming work environments where team members report greater job satisfaction and happiness, as well as increased productivity and opportunities to thrive.