Business Benefits

Growing and Scaling your Business Just Got Easier


Want to Run a Better Business Model?

Business know-how is essential for running an effective, modern advisory practice. Univeris Advisor captures what’s critical in a next-generation portfolio management solution: automation, efficiency, scalability, and niche client experiences. Get these built-in benefits so you can focus on your business, and leave the technology to us.

Univeris Advisor: portfolio management software screen

Next-Level Portfolio Management

  • Use advanced portfolio management tools to see across your book and filters to drill down on client holdings, investment strategies, and more
  • Structure decision-making on in-depth insights mined from powerful analytics
  • Set up automated alerts to stay on top of areas affecting portfolio performance and client communications

Integrated Risk Management

  • Run embedded risk and performance analyses and leverage predictive model-portfolio capabilities
  • Manage portfolio-risk exposure with a deft mix of decision-making features to improve portfolio performance
  • Set up automated alerts to monitor portfolios that are out of alignment based on risk parameters
Univeris Advisor: integrated risk management software screen
Built-in Compliance Controls

Built-In Compliance Controls

  • Minimize compliance risk with built-in checks and balances
  • Eliminate time-consuming compliance tasks with automation
  • Comply with applicable regulations, standards, as well as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-client (KYC) requirements

Personalized Client Reporting

  • Search, filter, and report on your clients’ holdings in minutes
  • Generate on-demand reports about your entire book of business or filter for specific areas
  • Create downloadable easy-to-read investment proposals
Univeris Advisor: personalized client reporting software screen
Return On Investment (ROI)

How Much is Five Minutes of Your Time Worth?
Use Our Calculator to Find Out

Capacity savings may well be worth your investment in Univeris Advisor

As an advisor, you know that time is money. This calculator can help you value your time, and Univeris Advisor can help you save it. The calculator assumes you work eight hours a day for 232 days a year (factoring in 20 vacation days and 11 statutory holidays). The result shown is an estimate of your annual capacity savings by simply getting back five minutes of your workday. And with extra time, you’re free to focus on more valuable revenue-generating activities, thereby unlocking ROI with Univeris Advisor.

Enter your gross revenue before grid

Your time per minute is worth


Your expected annual savings capacity

(based on freeing up five minutes per workday)


Once you know the value of your work time, you can use that figure to determine whether Univeris Advisor helps you save it and if it’s worth the investment.

We can answer that. If your annual savings capacity—based on just five minutes of time saved per workday—amounts to more than the cost to license Univeris Advisor, then your investment is paying itself and potentially earning you ROI in just one year. It’s as simple as that. Read our case study to learn more.

In reality, Univeris Advisor can shave a few hours off your tasks each workday. Compounding this productivity gain over a year could add up to significant revenue over time. Ready to see ROI?


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