Univeris Services

Maximize the Business and Technology Value of Your Univeris Solution

Dedicated Experts Committed to Your Success

At Univeris, we are committed to your success. We offer a variety of service offerings—from Implementation Services to Solution Development to Consulting Services to Product Support—ensuring that you get to where you want to go. Our expert services team holds your hand every step of the way to ensure you have an exceptional customer experience with our Wealth Management Solutions.


Get Expert Implementation, Configuration, and Integration to Rapidly and Economically Achieve Your Goals

Jumpstart your wealth management offerings through our expert implementation services. Our implementation team will work with you to install, configure, and train your staff on our wealth management products. From onboarding to data conversion/migration to migrating to our cloud-based offering, our experts are your resource for getting things done quickly. Time is money, and through our implementation services, you can enjoy an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Get Tailored Assistance with the Development and Delivery of Business-Critical Solutions

By taking a 35,000-foot view and understanding the big picture, we can leverage your concepts and directional aspirations for your business and turn them into accurate new capacity deliverables. We employ fast-paced, agile development cycles that enable rapid development and delivery of new solutions that are iteratively constructed and optimized in short cycles. Get the custom solution that fits your unique business need.


Optimizing the Way You Do Business

Get a bespoke wealth management solution that is tailored to your specific business needs. We know that every business operates differently. That’s why our consulting specialists are ready to provide expert guidance and/or custom work to ensure that our solutions bring the most significant benefit to your business processes and systems. 

Benefit from increased performance, reduced costs, improved customer experience, and better scalability to support strategic growth with Univeris Consulting Services. Our consulting specialists will assess the current state of your Univeris solution by identifying critical performance concerns, security issues, and configuration problems. They will make their assessment based on best practices to adjust and improve performance, increase the effectiveness of the Univeris implementation, and offer recommendations to enhance your solution further.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • HealthCheck Assessment
  • Univeris SaaS Migration Readiness/Assessment
  • Public Cloud Migration Readiness/Assessment
  • EWMS Application Review
  • Business Adoption Optimization

Enhance the Value of Your Solution with Customized Support

Our fully trained support team is always available should the need arise. We understand that there is no issue that doesn’t need our attention. From Fast Track Support to Data Correction to On-demand 24/7 Support, we are here to give you exceptional customer care.