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The technology you use every day should give you the confidence it’s serving your needs and is keeping up with industry trends and best practices. Future-proof your front-to-back-office operations and maximize your business value with Univeris Enterprise, designed for scalability, advisor productivity, and digital engagement.


Pedigree Platform to Transform your Operations

  • Automate and streamline costly and time-consuming mid- and back-office processes such as compliance review and supervision, Fund Facts delivery, record keeping, asset servicing, plan administration, reporting, and more
  • Gain efficiencies with end-to-end digital account opening, straight-through processing, trade settlement, and tax reporting
  • Hold assets in both nominee- and client-name accounts
  • Maximize your business value with a dedicated team of experts who are continually enhancing mission-critical functionality and simplifying back-end infrastructure

Future-Proofed Infrastructure

Strengthen your mid- and back-office with Univeris Enterprise, which takes the hassles out of managing disparate systems, complex workflows, regulatory compliance, and security risks. Built to be adaptable and scalable, our infrastructure can accommodate emerging technologies and evolving business needs, helping you to improve productivity, enhance client experiences, and drive business growth.

  • Streamline and scale day-to-day operations that prioritize ease-of-use performance, such as reconciliation, settlement, compliance, and reporting to help reduce manual errors and increase efficiency
  • Integrate existing systems and applications in order to increase visibility across functions
  • Reduce downtime of mission-critical systems through fault-tolerant and other proactive monitoring protocols, helping to ensure business continuity and productivity levels when they’re needed most
  • Safeguard sensitive data using advanced, multi-layered security measures to help protect against cyber breaches, prevent unauthorized access, and comply with regulatory requirements

Simplify Custody Services on a Single Platform

Investments are the backbone of your clients’ portfolios—highlighting the importance of leveraging appropriate custodial services to ensure the secure management and safekeeping of those assets. Univeris Enterprise removes the complexity of asset custody by offering a comprehensive suite of trade clearing, settlement, and support for custody services for financial market transactions. Experience the unmatched combination of a scalable platform, integrable solutions, and exceptional support that set us apart in the industry.

  • Streamline operational functions for managing investments, including trade clearance and settlement activities, and electronic trade confirmations all available in real time, minimizing errors and reducing risk
  • Access comprehensive record-keeping and reporting capabilities, providing accurate and transparent views of holdings, transactions, performance calculations, and corporate actions
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements and applicable regulations, alleviating compliance and other administrative burdens

Collect Fee Revenue

Univeris Enterprise is equipped with the tools you need to calculate and collect fees from your clients.

  • Charge transaction fees and manage the end-to-end process for advice/wrap fees (including calculating fees based on AUM or a fixed-dollar amount)
  • Receive proceeds from fees and manage/process fee transactions, including sales tax and auto-redemption logic to cover fees
  • Manage and charge administration and/or trustee fees
  • Leverage a Commission module that manages payouts to advisors

Streamline Your Business with Automation

Account Opening

Perform client discovery, onboard clients, fund accounts, streamline approval processes, and more.

Account Management

Manage your business, your clients, and their portfolios anytime, anywhere.


Get a robust solution for managing and trading mutual funds, segregated funds, exchange-traded funds, platform-traded funds, non-prospectus funds, and GICs.


Boost your productivity with a range of automated and customizable reporting for monthly, quarterly, and annual statement periods, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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Univeris Enterprise FAQs

Have questions about Univeris Enterprise? Learn more from our FAQs or reach out to info@univeris.com.

Univeris Enterprise Pricing

Univeris Enterprise is available to firms as a stand-alone back-office and custody system and as part of an integrated, enterprise-level solution. We’ll help you find the pricing and plan that works best for you.

Univeris Professional Services

From consulting services and solution development to expert implementation and premium support, we can help you refashion your tech stack, optimize infrastructure requirements, simplify business processes, and more. Univeris’ services teams consist of fintech experts leveraging evolving technologies as well as industry best practices—giving you the steady assurance that your digital transitions are being supported to the fullest.


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