Business Benefits

Turn Technology into a Competitive Advantage


Navigate the Future of Investments with Confidence and Success

As one of Canada’s leading industry providers of record keeping and trade support settlement, Univeris Enterprise has the expertise to connect infrastructure and technology to your firm’s priorities. Our modular architecture gives you the agility to mix and match best-of-breed solutions, ensuring regulatory adherence, operational efficiencies, and rapid scalability that power productivity, data integrity, and superior client experiences.

Unparalleled Functionality and Features

  • Gain competitive advantage with the ability to hold assets in nominee- and client-name accounts
  • Cover your regulatory bases with integrated alerts, approver controls, and other embedded tools that automate risk, compliance, and reporting workflows
  • Provide advisors and their clients the experiences they expect: automated account opening, straight-through processing, tax and regulatory reporting, efficient asset servicing and support of custodial functions, and more—offering holistic views and complete transparency

Operational Efficiency, Security, and Risk Mitigation

  • Automate and integrate key workflows and processes such as trade settlement, transaction reconciliation, and reporting—allowing you to focus more time on providing personalized advice to clients, make informed decisions, and identify new opportunities for growth
  • Reduce administrative burdens and decrease costs while mitigating the risks of errors, delays, and non-compliance by accessing custodial functions under one roof—enabling efficient trade settlement, accurate record keeping, and seamless reporting
  • Protect your operations with advanced security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure data storage to safeguard client assets and information at all times. Trade with confidence, knowing your risk exposure is effectively managed and mitigated

Scalability and Flexibility to Drive Growth

  • Access a sophisticated back-office platform that scales alongside your firm’s growth trajectory, easily handling varying transaction volumes, a wide range of asset classes, and evolving regulatory requirements—letting you adapt swiftly to changing industry dynamics with ease
  • Pre-configured to work with Univeris Advisor and integrate seamlessly with third-party providers and legacy systems
  • Customizable for both client- and nominee-name MFDA custody support

Premier Client Service and Support

  • Benefit from a dedicated client success manager and a responsive support team committed to addressing your needs and inquiries promptly and efficiently, ensuring your satisfaction and assistance when you need it
  • Accelerate problem-solving with the collective experience, expertise, and insights of experts in their respective fields who understand industry nuances, back-office needs, and custodial operations, helping you to optimize results and explore growth opportunities
  • Maximize your success with efficient customization and scalability while reducing dependency on legacy systems and manual workarounds

Ready to Upgrade your Technology Platform?

The critical role of mid- and back-office technology helps explain why successful investment firms have chosen Univeris Enterprise to elevate their operations, boost productivity, and reduce risk.
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