Use Cases

Seamless Integrations between Systems and Software

Data-rich APIs have become core aspects of wealth management business models. With Univeris APIs, you get best-in-class technology tailored to meet the various demands of your business processes, advisory services, and investment solutions. Expand and future-proof your offerings with our scalable, efficient, and cost-effective APIs.
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Connect Accounts

APIs act as the conduit between firms, clients, and wealth management platforms. Univeris APIs enable seamless data flows from various sources, such as your proprietary systems, external applications, and other relevant technologies, allowing quick, easy, and secure access to more comprehensive client information from connected accounts.

Additional Uses:

  • Connect with various data sources, such as Univeris Enterprise, Univeris Advisor, your firm’s database systems or other external software to streamline account registration, automatic data transfers, and the retrieval of information related to existing investors’ accounts
  • Access real-time data, ensuring that client profile information (KYC, suitability obligations, etc.) and account details remain current and accurate
  • Automate various workflows and processes, reducing the need for manual data entry and verification while minimizing errors and saving time
  • Customize interfaces and processes to your specific needs, enhancing the advisory experience and making account-related tasks intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly
  • Embed e-signatures into workflows between advisors and clients and other stakeholders

Access Your Product Shelf

Use Univeris APIs to query, filter, and review your approved list of investment products, supporting fulsome conversations on portfolio construction and risk management with clients.

Additional Uses:

  • Customize and filter specified criteria to match investor preferences, such as asset classes, risk levels, and geographic regions
  • Retrieve real-time, up-to-date product data so advisors can have informed discussions with their clients
  • Look up the latest price for a specific product
  • Generate, review, and deliver Fund Facts to clients
  • Bookmark favourite Fund Facts for quick retrieval

Place Trades

APIs streamline the process of placing trades by providing a standardized and automated way to communicate order details with underlying systems. With Univeris API, you can place orders from your firm’s product shelf, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the submission of trades.

Additional Uses:

  • Integrate into trading platforms and other software, enabling a seamless and automated order placement for mutual funds, segregated funds, ETFs, PTFs, GICs, and non-prospectus funds
  • Review order details of historical trades

Generate Statements

APIs play an essential role in retrieving account data to dynamically generate on-demand account statements. Univeris APIs offer a convenient and secure way to generate and deliver timely and accurate account statements, enhancing client convenience and operational efficiency while reducing administrative burdens.

Additional Uses:

  • Invoke a client statement production run by specifying any parameters such as scope (custom client list, dealer, etc.) and effective date, then generate statements and associated audit reports
  • Deliver statements electronically and in a clients’ preferred format (e.g., PDF or CSV)

Want to Expand your Platform Functionality?

APIs are an invaluable opportunity to modernize your technology stack. Start broadening your business capabilities today with Univeris’ full suite of enterprise-ready APIs.