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When it comes to the technology you use, we focus on creating value to drive your value. For more than three decades Univeris Enterprise has been uplevelling and supporting firms’ tech stacks with leading-edge technology so that their advisors have the tools for building long-term success and satisfying client experiences. Technology is what makes Univeris Enterprise adept in many use cases, especially those that are best-served by automation such as account opening, account management, trading, and reporting.

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Account Opening

As an advisor, you know the ability to open accounts quickly, efficiently, and securely—while still providing a high-quality client experience—is paramount to your business’s success. Univeris Enterprise offers guided client journeys and integrated account-opening functionality, ensuring that client accounts are opened and paperwork is signed without errors and that accurate client documentation is delivered promptly. Our capabilities streamline the processes of digitally onboarding clients, verifying their information, collecting documents, and funding accounts so that you can provide meaningful experiences to your clients.

Additional Uses:

  • Conduct client discovery and client outreach with niche tools that streamline all stages of the client-onboarding process
  • Track account-opening progress and close accounts quickly and efficiently
  • Leverage automated KYC, compliance, and audit-tracking capabilities
  • Interact with clients using eApproval and eSignature tools, which provide a streamlined, one-click approval process without interrupting your workflows

Account Management

Comprehensive account maintenance capabilities are essential for any business wanting to ensure that client accounts are maintained accurately and efficiently. With Univeris Enterprise, you can quickly and accurately process account changes, such as address and employment changes, contact information, contributions, withdrawals, transfers, and other activities like viewing order history and previous touchpoints, all on an intuitive interface. With up-to-date reflections of your clients’ activities, you can identify and monitor opportunities, remain compliant, and improve client satisfaction.

Additional Uses:

  • Update client information easily, perform account inquiry, and integrate reporting capabilities, helping you to save time and execute tasks with ease
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms, ensuring compatibility, connectivity, and smooth data flows
  • Manage plan and transaction reconciliation effortlessly, ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and a superior level of service for clients
  • Get software and maintenance updates automatically so that you’re always using the latest version of technology



A platform that optimizes and supports the entire trading workflow is an essential component of modern technology. With Univeris Enterprise, you’ll get immediate value from our automated order management system for mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), platform-traded funds (PTFs), segregated funds, non-prospectus funds, and GICs. Our technology lets you streamline trade-order validation, compliance monitoring, and post-trade settlement, helping you to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

Additional Uses:

  • Benefit from straight-through processing, from order capture to trade settlement
  • Enable a superior client experience with electronic storage and delivery of Fund Facts and other trade-related/transactional documents
  • Access to a cost-effective and robust solution for executing trades, enabling you to grow your business with low-fee, easily traded packaged products

Reporting and Client Statements

Look no further for reliable and user-friendly reporting capabilities. With Univeris Enterprise, you can easily track, monitor, and analyze your book of business to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve the client experience with configurable reports that address various client preferences. Through the use of automated reporting, you can quickly see real-time views of your business, letting you extract insights from consolidated data.

Additional Uses:

  • Create detailed reporting to provide insight into business performance
  • Generate ad-hoc reports that are client-facing
  • Prepare, generate, and distribute detailed clients statements for monthly, quarterly, and annual statement periods
  • Leverage comprehensive compliance/supervision reporting functions for targeted reviewers and comply with regulations

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