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Tech-Driven Portfolio Management at its Best


The technology you use is just as critical as advice you give. Set yourself up for success with Univeris Advisor™ —the latest in portfolio management software developed expressly for operational efficiencies, productive results, elevated relationships, and future-proofing your business.


Portfolio Management Made Easy

  • Well-suited for businesses investing in managed-money products, generating recurring revenue streams while keeping costs low for clients
  • Run multi-channel advice models (digital, hybrid, and traditional) at scale, helping you to grow and provide personalized client experiences
  • Extract full-breadth data about your book using advanced portfolio-management tools, then convert it into meaningful insights, enabling better decision-making and business performance
  • Save time with fully automated workflows and built-in compliance checks, thereby reducing errors and reaping efficiency benefits
  • Examine real-time risks in your business with up-to-the-task reporting, calibrating your book for profitability
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Manage your business, monitor portfolios, and generate reports on the fly using advanced advisor fintech.

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More Data. Better Advice.


Use Data-Driven Information for Better Decision-Making

With Univeris Advisor, the personal touch and technology come together. Our modern front-office platform boasts a suite of advanced reporting and business intelligence tools along with AI-powered decision-making features to help you make better and faster decisions more confidently with clients. Why is that important? Because when you have more data to work with, you can give better advice and ensure that advice is in your clients’ best interests.


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With a purpose-built portfolio-management system, you gain efficiency, scale, and turnkey digital assistance unlike ever before—helping you run a better business model.

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Simplify Your Everyday Portfolio Management Workflow

Portfolio Management

Get a complete, integrated portfolio-management system that helps you stay competitive and be more efficient.

Practice Management

Evolve and differentiate your managed-money business in a cost-effective way.

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor your clients’ portfolios easily and receive alerts when changes occur.

Electronic Reporting

Convert data into insights quickly with automated reporting, so you and your clients can make informed decisions together.

Easy-To-Use Client Portal

Empower your clients with the information they need about their investments through an easy-to-use client portal while optimizing their overall user experience and satisfaction with your firm.


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Univeris Advisor FAQs

Have questions about Univeris Advisor? Learn more from our FAQs or reach out to info@univeris.com.

Univeris Advisor Pricing

Univeris Advisor is available to firms as a stand-alone product and as part of an enterprise-level solution. We’ll help you find the pricing and plan that works best for you.

Univeris Professional Services

From consulting services and solution development to expert implementation and premium support, we can help you refashion your tech stack, optimize infrastructure requirements, simplify business processes, and more. Univeris’ services teams consist of experts leveraging evolving technologies as well as industry best practices—giving you the steady assurance that your digital transitions are being supported to the fullest.


Looking for a Modern Portfolio Management System? Choose Expertise.

Univeris Advisor has the tools you need to get ahead and stay ahead.
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