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What is Univeris Advisor?

A: Univeris Advisor is a front-office portfolio management system that enables investment professionals to efficiently manage, scale, and grow their business. The solution is rich in features and functions that act in concert to streamline many day-to-day processes, thereby increasing advisors’ productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

What are Univeris Advisor’s key features?

A: Key features include portfolio management, practice management, client reporting, and a client portal, underpinned by a range of digital tools and automation to maximize your efficiency and improve your clients’ experience.

Is there a licence limit to the number of advisors who use Univeris Advisor at my firm?

A: There is no limit. No matter how big or small your firm, you control the number of advisor licences that you need. Please contact us for more information on licensing and pricing.

Does Univeris Advisor have client-reporting capabilities?

A: Yes. You can generate a variety of reports for your clients, which can be customized and personalized. Reports adhere to your firm’s brand guidelines and standards.

Can Univeris Advisor create investment proposals?

A: Yes. You can create and send investment proposals electronically to clients.

Can I customize Univeris Advisor to meet specific needs?

A: Yes. You have a number of customizations available, including but not limited to client reporting, touchpoint frequencies, risk management, trading and rebalancing, as well as setting up investment criteria restraints and alerts around portfolio drift and other measures. There’s more, but the bottom line is that Univeris Advisor can help you create personalized experiences that can result in greater engagement and stronger client relationships. 

Whom do I contact for support?

A: We have a fully trained support team, based in Canada. If you’re in need of support, please email

I already use Univeris Enterprise. Will Univeris Advisor integrate into it?

A: Yes. The connection between our front-office solution and back office is seam-free. Even if you don’t currently use Univeris Enterprise, you could still stack Univeris Advisor on your technology as a stand-alone solution.


How much does Univeris Advisor cost?

A: Univeris Advisor is available to firms as a stand-alone product and as part of an enterprise-level solution. Please get in touch with us for information on pricing and we’ll help you find plan that works best for you.


Which back-office systems can Univeris Advisor integrate into?

A: Univeris Advisor can integrate into MFDA and IIROC dealer platforms, as well as independent MFDA back-offices, legacy systems, and third-party providers using APIs.

I already use Univeris Enterprise. Will Univeris Advisor integrate into it?

A: Yes, and we intend to have this seam-free integration ready in the coming months.

How long does it take to implement Univeris Advisor into my firm?

A: An implementation timeline varies from firm to firm and would depend on the complexity of use case. The following factors can influence the amount of time it takes to implement Univeris Advisor: data migration, configuration, integration with third-party applications as well as connectivity to a back office. Rest assured, we’ll work to optimize your implementation.

Can Univeris Advisor integrate with my firm’s CRM?

A: This integration is possible but it depends on the type of data that you would like to share between your CRM and Univeris Advisor. Please contact for more information.

Can Univeris Advisor integrate with my firm’s technology applications?

A: Yes. Univeris Advisor can integrate and dialogue with a variety of applications that dealer firms use, such as compliance, trading, data providers, and others.

Do you offer a free trial of Univeris Advisor?

A: Yes. We have a trial-like demo for you and your colleagues to experience first-hand the value of Univeris Advisor. Please email for more information. 

Onboarding and Training

Will onboarding and training support be provided to use Univeris Advisor?

A: Yes. We have a premier support team who will handle your onboarding process and training needs.

Compliance, Regulatory and Risk Management

How does Univeris Advisor keep up with market changes and regulations?
A: We update Univeris Advisor to be current with market requirements and constantly evolve it to be compliant with regulations. 
Does Univeris Advisor come with risk management and compliance features?
A: Yes. Univeris Advisor has pre-trade compliance built into the system, as well as monitoring and alert tools that you can leverage.


Does Univeris Advisor provide up-to-date pricing/performance information on Canadian mutual fund products?
A: The data information in Univeris Advisor is based on current holdings and investment performance is calculated daily. Individual mutual fund and ETF performance can be integrated through connections with data providers like Morningstar.
Does Univeris Advisor support multiple currency accounts for clients?
A: Yes. Univeris Advisor is a multi-currency portfolio-management system. It can support any currency that is managed by the underlying custody system.

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