Business Benefits

Accelerate Your Development and Integration Efforts


Expand Your Wealth Management and Operational Functions

As technology reshapes the landscape of modern wealth management, APIs aren’t just an advantage; they’re a necessity. Univeris APIs cover the digital distance between front- and back-office capabilities, allowing firms to securely and seamlessly integrate data sources, adapt to changes, and refine their operational acumen.

Future-Proof Access to Wealth Management Data

  • Get quick and convenient access to your essential toolkits regardless of what you choose to use on the front end
  • Assure your applications have scalable, flexible, efficient, and secure ways to integrate processes, data, and services to the underlying platform through secure APIs that adhere to industry standards

Data Application Security

  • Use the same security provisioning as Univeris Enterprise without the need for any additional set-up for your advisors
  • Ensure that access is strictly limited to authorized users and that they can only retrieve data pertinent to their designated role

Hosted API Specification

  • Access to the Univeris API specification documentation through a convenient developer tool kit
  • Simplify data access, creation, and management through our OpenAPI specification
  • Streamline the integration process and allow content to be embedded from any site or application more efficiently
  • Get support for integration with third-party identity management providers
  • Reduce the time and cost of software development through Univeris API

Enrich Your Platform Capabilities Securely

Univeris APIs can make your integrations happen, connecting you to faster and easier ways to expand wealth management solutions, access enriched data, and enhance operational finesse.