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It takes a lot to run a business—and adapt it for the future. Univeris Advisor is well-positioned to enable and differentiate modern portfolio management with scalable technology. From account management and portfolio monitoring to practice management and generating reports, the below use cases are supported by market-leading technology that can keep you on task and set you up for rewarding business experiences.

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Portfolio Management

Outdated applications won’t cut it anymore as automation evolves. This technology is here to stay and is essential for staying competitive. It’s also built into Univeris Advisor, giving you modern and scalable portfolio management and reporting capabilities. Automation has other immediate business-wide benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and reduced costs due to eliminating bloated processes and time-consuming manual tasks. Automated portfolio management can also bring peace of mind to your clients, knowing their investments are being monitored and managed by you every day. This level of attention, combined with the ability to take quick action when needed, are significant value-adds that make it easier to explain the fees you charge.

Additional Uses:

  • Portfolio monitoring, asset allocation, investment selection, diversification, performance tracking, and more
  • Advisor-constructed portfolios and third-party SMA access
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing to maintain target asset allocations
  • Detailed reporting to help you and your clients make informed decisions together

Practice Management

As investment professionals, you take success into your own hands. But if slow or clunky legacy systems are holding you back, then it’s time to step up your tech game with Univeris Advisor. Layered with automation, our practice-management capabilities make it simple for you to view and manage any area of your business in real time, so you can focus your efforts where they’re needed most. Our intuitive managed-money dashboard aggregates the breadth and depth of your business’s performance that you can complement with specific reporting to help make better decisions around fees, services, clients, and more.

Additional Uses:

  • Efficiently manage your practice by streamlining workflows and eliminating redundant tasks, resulting in higher productivity and profitability
  • Host multi-advice channel interactions in a cost-effective way, ensuring your business makes competitive sense today and in the future
  • Accentuate the client experience by demonstrating a well-managed and organized practice, providing efficient services, and reducing the costs of advice

Monitoring and Alerts

The ability to actively monitor portfolios and be alerted to changes are essential features of portfolio management. However, individually tracking what’s happening in client accounts is complex and time-intensive, even on the best of days. Univeris Advisor can do this work for you by automating the portfolio-monitoring process, giving you more time to focus on other higher-value activities.

Additional Uses:

  • Automate portfolio monitoring and track investment performance to ensure your clients’ accounts are in line with their stated objectives
  • Customize and trigger alerts according to specific information about certain investments or sectors of the market and set recurring reminders around client events
  • Stay up to date on changes that affect your clients’ accounts and investments, allowing you to make more informed decisions while reducing risk

Electronic Reporting

Say goodbye to data-wrangled spreadsheets and disconnected paperwork. Univeris Advisor automates reporting for you, making it more convenient than ever to provide clients with regular updates on their investments. With Univeris Advisor, you can create high-quality, personalized reports for clients in minutes or run reports for yourself to examine any dimension of your business quickly. Whether prepping reports for future meetings or generating them on the fly, automation ensures that your reports have consistent formatting and reliable data.

Additional Uses:

  • Reduces the administrative burden and complex calculations associated with manual reporting, allowing you to focus on providing clients with quality advice
  • Makes it faster and easier to keep clients informed and make educated decisions about their investments, thus helping to increase their confidence and satisfaction
  • Delivers and archives reports securely

Easy-To-Use Client Portal

Digital technology has already reshaped the client experience and the speed of interactions. Univeris Advisor’s client portal is a tool to elevate your clients’ engagement and satisfaction further. Created with usability in mind, our digital portal helps clients understand and retrieve essential details about their accounts electronically, enabling fast and secure access to their information.

Additional Uses:

  • Clients can access their account information and documents anytime and from anywhere, making it convenient for them to look up the information they need to make decisions
  • Clients can track the progress of their investments, stay up to date on their transactions and view their statements on the spot
  • Clients can communicate with you efficiently and securely

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