Introducing Univeris Advisor: Level Up with Automation

Mar 10, 2023 | Advisory Solutions, News, WealthTech

As wealth management becomes further defined by technology, it’s also pushing a need for automated portfolio management. With this consideration is mind, we’re excited to announce the launch of Univeris Advisor.

Univeris Advisor is a modern portfolio management system that has built-in expertise where wealth managers need it most. With a mix of front-end automation, Univeris Advisor makes it a breeze for advisors to review client accounts, monitor portfolios, rebalance portfolios to defined models, and engage clients with customized reporting and client portals. Advisors can also set up automated alerts and leverage portfolio management tools to gain greater visibility into their business ambitions.

This new piece of wealthtech is an integral component of the front-office experience, helping advisors drive business efficiency and strengthen the client experience. It also embodies our commitment to bring to market intelligently designed solutions that make an immediate impact on an advisory business and establish credibility with clients who are looking for digital convenience.

Univeris Advisor is available to firms as a stand-alone product and as part of an enterprise-level solution. If you’d like to make Univeris Advisor a part of your value proposition, please get in touch with us today. Alternatively, get started with this introductory tour.

In parallel with the launch of Univeris Advisor, we also rolled out a revitalized website inviting new users and existing clients to find information seamlessly. We’ve updated the look and feel of our website with clean designs and simple navigations, and added guided tours that don’t require registration but have the ability to self-schedule appointments with Sales. While the launch of Univeris Advisor provided the foundation for our new website, we launched it to meet the evolving wealthtech needs of MFDA and IIROC dealer firms and their advisors who value clear content and superior digital experiences. You can expect more website enhancements to come as we continue to revamp our online presence, so please check in often to see what’s new.