Back-Office Operations

A Single Back-Office Solution for Your Wealth Management Firm

A Unified Wealth Management System That Fits

Univeris offers trading, asset servicing, compliance, and advice functionality on a single, integrated wealth management platform.

Whether you are a firm with a single line of business or a firm with multiple lines of business, Univeris can be sized to fit you—making it the ideal single back-office operations solution for your business.

A Robust Solution for Centralizing Multiple Lines of Business


An investment firm required a single solution to centralize its back-office operations and support its entire business. Requirements include operating multiple brands that vary by several dimensions, including:

  • Branches
  • Geographic areas
  • Business model (client name, nominee)
  • Multi-channel delivery method (advised, hybrid, self-serve)
  • Products (mutual funds, GICs, ETFs, segregated funds, savings, registered and non-registered plans)
  • Languages
  • Web browser compatibility

The firm found the perfect fit with Univeris. Not only is Univeris designed for large-scale wealth management firms and dealers, including the management of dozens of brands. It is also designed to be multi-dimensional, covering all the business requirements outlined above.

With Univeris, the firm could use the same system to trade all financial instruments in a multi-account format allowing, for example, advisors to mix assets in accounts and leverage integrated suitability to avoid task repetition.

Your Back-Office Operations Team Gets Even More from Univeris

Ability to Configure

Open platform features mean Univeris can be configured and extended to address the unique needs of each brand.


The firm can centralize its product shelf management, reconciliation, statement and tax processing, and other critical back-office processes.

Ability to Support the Expansion of a Firm’s Business

Because Univeris is designed for large transactions and to support multiple dimensions, the system can grow as you grow your business.

Univeris back-office services drive all of the processes of the investor lifecycle from one central location. We have everything we need for our client accounts–from audit control, book of records system, and process management.

Want to Learn More?

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